Welcome to the World of Ashlon!

Here you’ll find my world building information of Ashlon, with all its Lands, Kingdoms, Landmarks and other misc. things that a world holds.

This will also be the center of campaigns running through my world. This campaign ia far from beginning however, so we’ll see how this actually goes.

Browsing 101:
Alright so the Top Navigation Bar will change according to every link on the Side Menu. After each main page (of the Side Menu) you’ll get further links in the Top Navigation Bar. If you click the “Home” button it will return you to the last Main link you had visited. For Example: The World of Ashlon(Side Menu)→Lands→Cairan→Torovia→Tyris. So I’m at the Tyris site, and I hit the “Home” button, it’ll push me back to the Cairan site, and Cairan will push back to Ashlon site and then Ashlon to this site. If you wish to directly return here click the Graphic Logo/Banner at the top of every page.

To view my world information click on the Side Menu: The World of Ashlon.

Anyways, thanks for looking!


P.s. If you see a word in Blue and underlined its a link to additional information on that subject. Red words are technically broken links. (ah…duh right? =D)

The World of Ashlon